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Celebrity Gallery

Yes, the rumor is true, I did propose to my love,
June Wilkins
on the Sally Jesse Rafael show in Sept 2001.
Old Man Higgins did it for me, well sort of,
he stumbled over the words,
so I stepped in for him and asked June to marry
me on national television.
She said YES,
wedding took place on September 21, 2002

Here is a photo of Heather Henson
(Jim Henson's daughter)
and a new marionette called Diamond,
this marionette does an incredible act
called "Dance for the Sun" created by
Toby Van Eck of Johannesburg, South Africa.

I was the opening act for Heather
when she was in Austin for a film festival.

Yes, that is me with Mike Tyson
Yes, I am teaching Mr. Tyson how a puppet works
Yes, I am very scared!!

I just had to meet Chumlee
and have him sign my Tennessee Tuxedo soakie.
Chumblee (the cartoon character) was the 
pal of cartoon fame Tennessee Tuxedo

While in Las Vegas, Met the Old man
at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.
I sold them this rare Fred Gwynne Car 54 Hand puppet
The Old man was so happy, can you tell? (sarcastic)

Hey Hey We're the Monkees!

We went to see Michael Nesmith in concert,
He performed his music, I taught him puppetry

Ask me how I met Micky Dolenz?
It's an awesome-sauce story.

My wife, June and I met Bob Saget at an off-Broadway play
called "Hand to God." The play was about a Lutheran Minister
and a puppeteer. What a coincidence - I'm a puppeteer and
my wife is a Lutheran Minister!

What a thrill to be the opening act for Andy Gross the
magician at the Red Skelton Theater in Vincennes,
Indiana. The audience and management loved the
Mr. Puppet Show!

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